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Shaping Views

Subject: Shaping Views

   Shaping Views  

Issue 11     Like us on Facebook  November 2012

In This Issue:
More Influential than Ever!
"7 Tricks to make your hair look Thicker
Trichologist Corner
New Work Schedule and Free Service Cards

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More Influential than ever!

If you have found yourself with more birthdays behind you than in front of you, consider this: just because you may not move as quickly as you once did, does not mean there are no contributions left  for you to make  to the world in which you live.  there is something you can do regardless of how agile or infirm you are.  You may find yourself with more time on your hands than you have had in the past and that's what puts you in position to be more influential now than ever.  It may sound simple, but the secret of this enormous influence is found in a four letter word: PRAY.  You see, when you pray for the people you love, you influence is not earthly and fleeting; it is spiritual and infinite.  As you beseech almighty God to intervene in the lives of your loved ones, you can move heaven and earth with you heartfelt cries.  As you pray , you are sowing eternal seed into the destinies of those for whom you intercede and that is the most life-changing, effective influence of all.  In addition to you conversations with God, I encourage you to sit and talk with your children, your grandchildren, people you have mentored and others who would like to mine the gold inside of you.  Share freely, for your wisdom multiplies as you give it away.  You see, there is something that happens when you pray for people.  You begin to care more and more, even if you did not think it was possible to care any more deeply.  And then, when you are with those people, they can sense the depth of interest you have in their lives.  Then they want to reach into your should and learn what you know.  They want to be for others the kind of friend or relative you are to them.  And the cycle of influence continues.........
    7 Tricks to Make Your Hair Look Thicker ...  
Consider Bangs

If your hair is thin at the crown but still thick in front, try bangs to create a fuller look. To go a step further, take a slice of hair underneath the bangs and color it two shades darker than the rest of your hair color. When you bring the top layer of fringe down over it, your bangs will look thicker because of the deeper color underneath.


Layer Wisely

Ask your stylist to cut the under-layer of your hair half an inch shorter than the top layer. This will add fullness. Never let anyone use a razor, though, because that can create frayed ends that make your hair look wispier. To give heft to fine or thin hair, keep ends blunt.

Get Highlights

"Peroxide doubles the thickness of each strand,"  "It swells the hair shaft, which makes your hair look and feel fuller." Another reason you might want to highlight: When your hair color has dimension (a mix of shades), it creates the illusion of density. Also, keep in mind that your hair color should match the color of your scalp as closely as possible if you want to camouflage a wide part.


Keep Your Hair Above Shoulder Length
"Once it hits the tops of your shoulders, your hair breaks up and looks thinner," it's shorter, it will appear thicker.

Mousse It Up

Mousse gives roots a boost and creates volume without stickiness. Avoid creams and heavy gels, which weigh hair down. (Spray gels can effectively add some height, when used in moderation.) Work the mousse into damp hair and comb through so all of the strands are coated.

Try Extensions

If your hair is full at the crown, but wispy from the mid-length to ends, clip-in hair extensions can give you a lush style in minutes. Today's synthetic versions look completely natural.


Blow-Dry Gently

Don't subject your hair to more wear and tear than necessary-let it air-dry 80 percent, then use a round brush to lift the roots and smooth the ends. And don't part your hair where you normally do before you blow-dry, "It will wind up flat along the part, which is exactly where you want some height." Instead, part your hair on the opposite side. When you're done blow-drying, flip it back and you'll have gorgeous volume.

Trichologist Corner

Eating Right for the Body's

Blood Type


The hair requires nourishment from the inside to maintain its health. A high consumption of animal fats, vitamin a, or rapid weight loss reduces the amino acids and vitamins needed in hair growth. Poor nutrients, limiting food intake, and liquid protein diets can cause hair loss.   Deficiencies in biotin, iron, protein and zinc are particularly damaging to healthy hair growth. Toxicity of vitamins and mineral can cause hair loss. The best diet for the individual body is your blood type. Type O- best with animal proteins and unfavorable with diary products, Type A - vegetarian diet and fresh pure organic foods, Type B- strong immune system tolerant digestive system and avoid chicken replace with goat or lamb, Type AB- Biologically complex avoid caffeine alcohol and eat seafood, dairy and green vegetables.

Our blood type also determines what type of biochemistry our digestive systems are made of. "Your blood type is a powerful genetic fingerprint that identifies you as surely as your DNA". There are four blood type groups: O, A, B, and AB. The majority of people are Blood Type O. Next comes Blood Type A, then Blood Type B; and, Blood Type AB is very rare and has only been around for about 1000 years. Less than 5% of the world's population has Blood Type AB. Some people can eat a variety of foods with no problems, while others suffer from gas, bloating, indigestion and heartburn. The reason for this is that people with different blood types cannot eat or digest the same foods equally.


New Schedule Announcement
Lenya Gregory-Perkins



As you all know since the addition to my family, I have cut my hours back to 3 days aweek.  I am happy to annouce my new schedule effective November 1, 2012.  I will be returning to the salon on Mondays and Tuesdays 9-3pm by appointments only!  Sorry, no Saturdays.  Please schedule your appointments through our website, or or simply call

202-722-4515. Thanks.



Frequent Service Cards are Back!


Starting November 1st everyone should receive a frequent service card.   It allows you to receive a free regular service valued at $65 on your sixth visit.  If you have not received your card please ask for it, it's FREE!


Harvest Specials
$10 services

Trim, Demi Color or Manicure

 Must present coupon at the time service.  Not good with any other offers or specials.


                                                 Offer Expires: November 31, 2012 

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